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Pete Buzby has a passion for putting people in their dream homes, and the experience to make that a reality. Pete has been working in the home building industry since his teens. At the age of 14, he started working for his uncle’s building company, not only learning the tricks of the trade, but a strong work ethic to go with them.


Pete began Buzby Builders out of high school, starting out doing roofing, siding, and modular homes. The business, along with his reputation for quality work and integrity, soon grew. He began to specialize in what he loved –building and designing custom luxury lakefront homes.

“It allows me to be more creative,” he says. “My clients travel a lot, and they’ll see something in Las Vegas that catches their eye. They’ll come back and ask me if I can do it. It helps me keep abreast of current trends, and keeps it interesting. I learn a lot from them.”


It’s All about Team Work

Pete has a close working relationship with all of his clients from start to finish, and often long after the homes have been built. Many entrust him with their keys, and he’ll look in on their homes when they’re out of town.

Keeping things fun is also a big component of his work. He gets a lot of repeat customers and referrals that way.

“The secret to making customers come back is to keep them smiling,” Pete says. “So we have a lot of fun. We’ll do things together, like go pick out light fixtures, and then we’ll do lunch.”

Not only does Pete work in close collaboration with his clients, but he has this same relationship with his subcontractors. Because they all know each other, they all work really well together. This is what allows him to build high-end top quality homes in a short period of time. “When you hire the best you get the best,” Pete says.

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